Our Services

Professional Web Development

"If your website doesn't portray a professional image to visitors, chances are you lose them after just one page!"

You've worked hard to get to this stage. You've come up with your great idea, worked to get people interested, and finally get them to come to your site. This is only the beginning of the battle though. Now you have to make them feel comfortable with doing business with you online and make the process as seamless as possible to they don't get frustrated and leave only to buy your product our service from a competitor.

Avoid this undesirable situation by having your website professionally designed and coded. We can do this for you faster than you think, at a price that may surprise you (in a good way, not the way our competition may surprise you).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and placement strategies are being applied by more and more webmasters, it is becoming more of a need than a luxury for competitive website owners to use effective search engine optimization, placement and ranking to remain competitive.

Webology Worx can provide you with the SEO information and resources you need to get your search engine optimization strategy, search engine placement & ranking project going right.

Avoid many of the common pitfalls by doing it the right way first.

Mobile Ready Websites

Is your website ready for the mobile revolution?

It's here... More and more visitors are hitting your website every day, but not from their computers anymore. If your website was designed more than two years ago, chances are it's not mobile ready. And all predictions point to the majority of your website visitors coming to you on their mobile device within the next year or two.

We can prepare your site to be mobile ready. Contact us for a free consultation.

User Interface Design

"User Interface weighs heavily on User Experience - a person's overall experience and satisfaction when using a product or service."

Sure, everyone would like a good UI, but many developers simply have not had the training to implement a usable user interface. I'm not necessarily talking about something dazzling and good looking, no I'm talking about USABLE.

Many website's have great products, great prices, but failed usability. This might mean customer's still come to your site, want your products, but leave without them because of frustration or confusion. In an online world everything needs to be perfectly clear and intuitive in order for customers to feel comfortable enough to complete a transaction a high percentage of the time.

Poor user interface will frustrate users, reduce loyalty, and force them to seek out other options. Many times something that seems to make perfect sense to a business owner who know's his product inside and out it totally confusing to the untrained consumer, blocking that owner from completing a sale or gaining new customers.

We have been designing usable interfaces for over 10 years. We've seen all the trends, done usability studies, and have been shocked at how easily a consumer gets confused and frustrated. We know the common pitfalls, the best practices, and can work with you to optimize flows and processes on your website to increase conversions.

Graphic Design

"An Image is worth a Thousand Words"

So you have a great idea. It's solid, it's ready, it's the next big thing. But people judge a book by it's cover more often than not.

So get a solid design and WOW them right out of the gates. Good graphic design incorporates an aesthetically pleasing look with intuitive usability. We can assist you in coming up with the perfect design, and getting it from concept to reality. Whether you need graphic design for your website, a memorable logo, or printed collateral we can make it happen.

When coming up with an effective design, simplicity is often the key. You'll end up with a unique design that portrays the image your company wants to emit. We'll also make sure it is usable, whether viewed in full color or if it has to be toned down for printed graphics that may not always be in full color.

Content Management Systems

Buying a Web CMS is like buying a new Mercedes. You buy the bones of the car, but don't forget to budget for the extras. Leather upholstery and built-in GPS? None of them are included in the asking price. So too with Web CMS. Many vendors' business model is now to sell customers a basic product, and charge extra for additional modules.

Get a COMPLETE Content Management System, and get it right the first time! We're not here to get you in the door and then surprise you with extras fees. That's just bad business. We want to optimize your business and put technology to work for you - solution that actually saves you money and eliminates IT involvement! Our CMS solutions are intuitive, requiring virtually no training for an admin person to start using and maintaining a website or storefront. Our CMS is also custom coded, allowing for flexibility to meet your business needs instead of having to model your business after the capabilities of your CMS technology. And when we build a CMS, we do it right. We tell you up front the features we're pretty sure will be important to you, and include all of those into the quote right up front. That way we have a true understanding of your needs and you have expectations set to where there are no surprises. It's just the right way to do business...

Web Hosting

We offer Windows based web hosting for all of our clients as an added service to development. We are also available to host sites developed by other firms. Our rates are more than competitive and our service levels are top notch. We feel this service finalizes our "full life cycle development" philosophy. Why have your website developed by one company and then have to find separate hosting, DNS management, email features, etc...? We know IT is not our customer's specialty, so we take care of it for you. End to end.

Data Redundancy

All of our websites are automatically backed up every week to a separate server at a different physical location, providing safe redundancy should a hard drive fail or a server spontaneously combust (we got you covered).

Dedicated Servers

We use dedicated servers, allowing full control over custom add ons and server up time. We can install custom controls that enable special functionality for your website hosted on our servers. We also control server uptime and scheduled maintenance, meaning we can work with you to ensure your business is always available when needed.

Corporate Branding

"Good corporate branding is more important now than ever before. With millions of websites and sellers available in an online world, customers are overwhelmed with a variety of choices."

Consumers trust companies they are familiar with - someone they've seen before and have an awareness of. Good corporate branding can help project a consistent image for your company through all channels of advertising and promotion. Consistent colors, fonts, and logo usage are important for more than just making something look clean and professional, they actually create a lasting impression in the viewer's mind, reinforcing the familiarity consumer's need in order to feel comfortable doing business with you.

We can assist you in creating a recognizable, meaningful, and memorable brand for your company. Something unique so that if a consumer visits your site, continues to research, and ends up back on your site 6 months later, they remember they've been here before. Suddenly they have a subtle sense of comfort and familiarity with your company - leading to increased likelihood of engaging in business with you.

Online Storefronts

"It is estimated that online sales in the United States will increase annually by nearly 20% in the next year"

Online sales continue to grow. With an online storefront you have access to potentially millions and millions of customers with little effort. If you're here, chances are you already know this and are considering getting your piece of the pie.

Webology Worx has developed it's own custom storefront software which allows business owners to quickly and easily establish an online presence. Our storefronts integrate directly with PayPal (one of the most trusted online payment gateways available) and allow store owners to add and maintain their products, prices, shipping expenses and more. If you decide to move forward with an online strategy, you can easily be set up and selling in a matter of days, not weeks.

Our storefronts come with built in Search Engine Optimization features which will help increase your sales and promote your products. All you have to do is enter your products into the storefront, then leave the rest to us!